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I was born in Vienna, Austria, but I don't ski, yodel or play an instrument. And, even though it’s one of the most famous musical drama movies I watched the “Sound of Music” with Julie Andrews only after I found out that all my American friends had seen the movie. At least, I show off my roots by watching the Vienna New Year's Concert (Neujahrskonzert) and the famed Hahnenkamm downhill, religiously. 


To be honest, I’d rather be a world-citizen. These days pretty much everything we do affects people elsewhere. 

Indeed, I was fortunate enough to have some amazing experiences on my travels around the world. I got to meditate in the Dalai Lama's former bedroom in the Potala, alone by myself, when I visited Tibet in 1987, before the Chinese government poured billions of dollars into the country in an effort to turn Tibet into a major tourist destination. 

I also traveled the Trans Siberian Railway, the longest railway in the world,  twice, trekked through the Kashmir Valley, rode on an elephant in Jaipur, India, and on a camel in the Mongolian desert. And, I went target shooting in Sicily and gambled in Las Vegas and Macao. Needless to say, all of this made for some good stories. 

Never shying away from insane work, I analyzed 100,000+ emails for effectiveness and personal appeal to devise a method how to write best emails. After all, writing best emails is the most effective way to reach customers and influencers. I also dug through thousands of online reviews to find out how to get them and how they can help to boost sales. 

My work has been featured on Bloomberg, in SUCCESS, and in Entrepreneur.

But, not even  insane efforts to “do my best” at all times, protected me from life's tragedies. I lost my husband, my baby brother, my BFF since teenage days, and one of my two beloved aunts, all within five years. There was a time when I was afraid to pick up the phone.  

If I have found one truth in life, then it is:

“Go for it! Do the work because it will pay off, enjoy the moment because it might not last!”


Gisela Hausmann is a proud mother of two and grandmother of one. She lives with her two cats, Artemis and Yin-Yang, in Greenville, SC.



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